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Every bride deserves to be the most beautiful version of themselves on their wedding day. As you enter into Holy Matrimony, this becomes one of the most sacred moments of your life. A moment in time that deserves a one of a kind dream dress, made and designed with you and your partners love story in mind.  Kharl WiRepa offers brides the opportunity to create their own, one of a kind - special piece of history.


The only Maori bridal designer in Aotearoa, Kharl's luxurious and timeless wedding collections are carefully crafted with love, taking care to  to make each design fit perfectly. No-one wants to be an online bride wearing something that 1000s of other women are wearing. Your dress, for your wedding, deserves to be as special as the love you have for your significant other.


Kharl is always inspired by old Hollywood glamour and sophisticated romance. Each gown is meticulously created with high-quality textiles and luxurious finishings. Kharl WiRepa specialises in working to create the perfect dress, with the perfect fit, to complete your perfect day.


 To enquire about a custom created Bridal Gown, get in touch with us to book an exclusive consultation.

You can email Kharl at, or head to the contact page - to make your appointment today!

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